Poland Pravasa

Here are few pictures of my recent travel to Poland. Wherein I visited the capital city-WarsawKraków, and Zakopane.

Kraków is one of the oldest cities of Poland situated on Vistula river. St. Mary’s Basilica is one of the main attraction.

Zakopane is a city in the base of the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland. Morskie Oko is a must place to visit.

St. Mary’s Basilica
Street in Krakow
Auschwitz concentration camp
Different Blocks in Auschwitz concentration camp


Tatra Mountains


On the way to Morskie Oko
Morskie Oko Lake
Walking on the Frozen Lake
Alone on Morskie Oko



A day to be remembered

It was a one day trip which later turned into an adventure to a city called Chauvigny which is towards the east of Poitiers at a distance of 30km from the city of Poitiers, France. It commands a view of Vienne river which is one of the important rivers in south-western France. I was accompanied by my friends – Jayanth, Mahantesh, Syed, Jogi, Lalithya, Mukta and Namratha.

Let’s start

It was a cool Saturday morning, all of us got ready with few snack in our bags. We reached Poitiers city and boarded a bus to Chauvigny. En route to chauvigny, it was a great treat to our eyes with the nature beauty all around. We got down on the main street of chauvigny. All were very hungry and started searching for restaurants.

It was difficult to search for a vegetarian food. Finally, we decided to eat pizza and fries. Later we visited the ancient castle known as ‘château baronnial’ of the 11th century which was 15 minutes walk from the city center. The roads were such that we were hiking.

We then proceeded to visit ‘La Collégiale Saint-Pierre’ church built in the 12th century which had a bell tower. Then we were walking around exploring the different buildings and old city streets which seemed to be a different experience.

Then we rested for a while. We then returned to the city center and had a coffee, well, ya that was refreshing!  Then was the time to leave the city. We went to the bus stop to check the bus timings. Surprise! For our bad luck, the last bus back home was already gone! As it was in the initial days in France we didn’t know much of French to ask someone for help for finding the alternatives. Then we went to a nearby shop to ask for an help, they suggested us to ask for a hitch hike. We wrote ‘POITIERS SVP’ on a paper. SVP being Sil Vous plait which is please in French.

In the hopes of getting a drop to the city, we were standing by the main road with the board. Minutes went, none of the cars stopped, maybe no one was heading towards our city or they didn’t have enough place for all of us. After almost an hour the same person who gave us the idea of Hitch-hiking came to us and looking at our situation he said he will drop us to a place where we can get a bus to our residence. He called up his friend for another car as we were 8 people. That moment, one of the happiest moment for us, being international students in France and the way he helped us, We can never forget him. His name was Mr.Bouddone. Here is a picture with him.

Souvenir for life

Finally, we reached our home after all the circus. It was a day to be remembered.

Toulouse and Albi

Here are pics of my recent travel to Toulouse and Albi.

Toulouse, is a city which lies on the banks of river Garrone. It is a city of unique architecture.











Albi is a commune in southern France.






Bonjour France…!!!

Bonjour France!!!

Well, It was my first visit to a foreign country and it is France which is a region of medieval cities, peaceful villages, calm rivers, and beaches of Mediterranean. It was for my higher studies. New place, new life, new people, new language, totally it was a different and new beginning for me. I was really excited about it. I landed in Paris in September 2015. It was hard to come to France leaving my loved ones and home country.

flight 1
Me and my friend Jayanth
flight 3
Over the clouds!
flight 2
A view from my seat

I was accompanied by few of my friends hence I didn’t feel much lonely after coming here. I reside in the city of Poitiers which is a riverside city in the west of France. My hostel is in city outskirts. It’s a peaceful place!

poitiers 1
Our first meal at Poitiers

First few months were really adventurous. It was fun discovering new things, roaming around knowing just ‘Bonjour’, ‘Merci’ and ‘Au Revoir’ (Hello, Thank you and bye) in French. Another most used sentence was ‘Vous parle Anglais?’ meaning ‘ Do you speak English?’. The course work here was very different from my previous education held. Initially, it was difficult to adjust to it. But as time lapsed things became easier. I used to go out with friends for outing, parties and night outs. It wasn’t difficult for me to get adjusted to the French food as I was a Non-vegetarian.

There are things to like about France. The way they wish everyone seems good. They are always calm and has an interesting lifestyle. They don’t work too much but they do what is required. They spend their weekends and holidays well. There are a couple of things to learn from French people.

Day by day I started learning French language and also about the French culture.  It’s exciting to learn French. We invite French people for dinner or lunch with Indian special dishes. Few of them like spicy food while few just cry! It feels good interacting with the French people. They are very calm and helpful in nature.

There is a beautiful river named ‘Le Clain‘ near our residence. We usually go there on weekends. We play football in the nearby ground later we have food near the river.

The city I live in is not a happening city. But that doesn’t limit my entertainment. I go to different countries for the trip during semester breaks and holidays. So far I visited Paris, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Vatican City and San Marino. It will be refreshing after a tiresome course work. Here are few clicks from Paris.

Daily Skype calls to parents, group video chats with friends in the weekend, preparing and having special Indian dishes, receiving a parcel from India, celebrating birthdays, outing with friends are some of the happiest moments here. The snacks we receive in the parcels won’t even last for a week.

I also frequently visit a nearby village which is Martigny. I go there for running. This village always brings a feeling of my own village back in India. I like to run around the fields. I click few pics often and send them to my father who is an agriculturist as he frequently asks me about the French agriculture.

martigny 2

There is a lake near my residence. I just go there in the evenings. Sit for a while alone there. The view will be spectacular. The vehicle reflection on the water is the best part. I feel relieved after a walk around the lake. I do meet few local residents near the lake. It feels good. In the weekends few families come for camping near the lake. It feels good to see the families there.

lake 1
View of the Lake and my Residence
lake 3
Evening time around the Lake

Here are few pictures which I  took in and around my city.

Now I can speak some manageable French. I have learned a few things after coming here. Life in France is so far good.

Yes, although I have come here for strong reasons for the betterment of my life, Sometimes, I do miss my parents, friends, family occasions and my village. But at the end of the day, I need to work hard and bring a meaning to my travel to a far place from my country. I am not the same person who I was when I came here. Life in France has taught me about the value of parents, people, money and time. I hope the rest of my life in France goes well.




Munnar Maapleys

It was a day I returned from my native to Bengaluru after the Ugadi festival celebration, my friend Shiv called me and said macha munnar trip tomorrow! And I was like maga I just reached Bangalore!

My friend vasanth (Maamz) was in Theni (tamilnadu) and he had a guest house in munnar. At first, I was not ok with the schedule, later somehow managed to go. In fact, sudden plans will be the most successful plans. Six of us- Shivshankar (shiv), Jayanth (JBL), Mahantesh (monty), Madhu, Syed and me were ready for the trip. We assembled in Jayanth’s house for so-called ‘planning’, and did nothing except booking Train tickets to Dindigul from Bengaluru for the next day (Too much of planning is injurious to trip).

Next day we all met at the Bengaluru city railway station, we bought snacks and dinner and boarded Tuticorn express around 9 PM. Train Journey was cool as always, with fun-filled conversations. After a 10 hours journey, we got down in Dindigul and went to the city bus stop. We had tea, bought some sweets and boarded a bus to Theni where our friend Vasanth (maamz) was residing. After few minutes we realized that we have missed the sweet box at the shop in bus top. Jay, Syed and me got down and headed back to the bus stop while rest of them continued their journey. We got the sweets back and we then took a bus to Theni.


Funny thing was we three reached Theni early than rest of the guys (thanks to the driver). Vasanth picked us from the Theni bus stop. Then we headed to the coffee estate in his car. We parceled breakfast on our way. It was Ghats section (Series of mountains). The scenery around was a treat for your eyes.




The estate was somewhere in the middle of the hill. We reached the estate but then we had to climb down the hill for a while to reach the estate house. So we took the food parcels and started climbing down. It was like walking through a forest. The ambiance of the place was splendid with a variety of plants and trees. Maamz told us that there are two German shepherds right down there! When we reached there we were just shocked to see the two huge German shepherds.



We had breakfast and thought of being there for a while. Shiv was clicking selfies with German shepherds, Rest were roaming around and were capturing the nature beauty, both in their eyes and camera. We then climbed up and continued our journey towards the guest house.


Late afternoon we reached the guest house. We freshened up and left for an outing in and around the village (Gajanaparai). First thing was to find a hotel as we didn’t have our lunch. We found some Kerala restaurant. Ordered food and waited for years! Everyone were voracious but those people were serving water, onions etc. but not the main dish. Then came the food. The taste wasn’t that commendable. But we were just satisfied. Then we moved on to an Elakki farm (Cardamom). Roamed around for some time.


While coming back to home we stopped at a small river. I was near river and maamz was near the car. He called me there and said ‘maga I have left the car key inside the car and I have locked!’ Then came our engineer Syed. He opened the door with the use of scale! (not professional but he has some experience with his car). He was the hero for a moment, for that moment only. Then again we went back near the river to click few pics.


Then we headed back to the village. Near to the village, there was a tea estate we stopped there and spent some time chit chatting and clicking some pics. Then we had tea and returned to the guest house.


Dinner was chicken which was prepared by the local people near the guest house. Veggies got their food parcel from a hotel. After dinner, we had some fun by playing cards and also Hulivesha (Tiger) dance by our maamz. Then everyone slept as all were tired.

We got up early in the morning and went for a morning walk, it was so cold outside. We returned back and everyone had a hot water bath and groomed up and then left to Munnar top station.

We entered a tea estate zone. It was a great treat for our eyes. This continued for few miles.



We headed to Pallivasal falls. We climbed down and went near the water. I slipped as it was very slippery and somehow managed to escape the fall (Shoki). Otherwise, I would have bathed for a second time on that day. We continued our travel to reach the top station. The weather so cool and the scenery was Awe-inspiring.


We then headed to Mattupetty dam. We went for a speed boat ride. It was an amazing experience. We then had lunch and moved on.


On our way, we stopped at valaparai hills for sight-seeing. We had tea at a shop which few miles from valaparai. Believe me that 2 cups of tea were the best tea I have ever had in my life till date! we then reverted to Theni.




We rested there for some time and then maamz left to Chennai for some work and we guys booked train tickets for the next day from Madurai to Bangalore as our next visit was to Madurai. It was farewell time to our maamz after which We reached Theni bus stop and boarded a bus to Madurai.

Few clicks of Madurai Meenakshi amman Temple.


Antharagange Trek !!

This is my second trip of the year. Five of us- Subramanian (Subbu), Shivshankar (Shiv), mahantesh (Monty), Sudhakar (Siddu) and me planned a one day trip to a trekking spot-Antharagange which is in shatashrunga mountain range located in Chinnada Gani (Golden Land) – Kolar, at a distance of 70 km from Bengaluru. It is known as the Dakshina Kaashi (South kaashi). In addition to trekking, there is cave exploration! With few negative feedbacks about the place, our plan was still on with a feeling that ‘Naav nodida mele decide madona’ (Let’s visit and then decide). (Feedback courtesy: Syed & Rakshith)

Shiv, Monty, Subbu and I headed to Kolar from Bengaluru, via bus. The journey was about 3 hours (Delayed by Bengaluru’s traffic). My friend siddu, who was from Kolar, joined us at the bus stop. Then we bought lunch and some snacks for the day (I am very much interested in such things ;)). Then we took an auto-rickshaw to Antharagange which is about 4 km from Kolar city.

From left- siddu, shiv, subbu, monty
From left- siddu, shiv, subbu, monty

Then we started to hike the hill using the step way (Not the actual trekking!). We were welcomed by a battalion of monkeys.

captain of welcome team

Soon after, we reached a view point where there was a hillock, we climbed to the top and the sight was beautiful. We thought of having some snacks. Soon after we started eating chips, a monkey came near us for the food item. Subbu gave some chips to the monkey. After eating that it was attacking all of us who had chips in their hands. Finally, monkey succeeded to get the chips (Moral of the story: Monkeys like potato chips and will do anything to get it from us, so carry some other snack if you are coming). Then we moved on, climbing the steps through a straight corridor with Nilgiri trees on either side which gave a feeling of walking through a tree tunnel.

Suryaputhra Subbu !
The Nilgiris Pathway
The Stepway

We reached Kaashi Vishwanatha temple, inside which there is Shiva Linga. By the side of which there is a small Gopura inside which underground water- Antaragange flows between two Nandi statues into the Kalyani. The precise source of water is unknown and the flow is eternal. In the middle of Kalyani there is a Small Ganesha Temple. There is also Hanuman temple on the rear side of kalyani.

Kaashi Vishwanatha temple
Antaragange flowing into kalyani
Ganesha Temple
Ganesha Temple’s Gopuram
Hanuman Temple
Resting near Kalyani



Then was the actual trekking from the temple. The route was quite hard to climb. Sad thing is, my friends, gave me the backpack, then only I got to know that we have bought so much of snacks! (Trekking is like traveling in Airplane, every gram of weight matters).

We again stopped at a view point, from where complete Kolar city was visible, houses were like an arranged matchboxes. We rested there for a while. Thank god there were no monkeys (except us ;)) so that we had some snacks (peacefully!).




City view



Hiking continued until we found some caves. Then we started exploring the caves. The real adventure was experienced in caves. Caves have multiple entrance and exits. It was so cool inside the caves. After some time, subbu and I took a different route and continued to explore the challenging paths. Finally, we came out the caves and rested on a peak of huge rock, and I just thought that the one who gave negative feedback has failed to explore such an awesome place (Please visit again guys). Other 3 guys met us there and we continued the trek.







We reached a village at the top of the hill. There were around 7 villages in surroundings. 

Village on top of the hill

Then was a surprising thing, we found a well in that village (I was so happy:)). I was ready to swim. Siddu joined me first and after some time even shiv and monty joined. The water was extremely cool. It was a refreshing swim. Then we had lunch that we brought.



Then we reached the bus stop and traveled to Kolar from the hilltop. We had tea at the bus stop. We were exhausted and just wanted a seat to rest in the bus on our way back to Bengaluru. Luckily got seats in the semi-sleeper bus. It was time to say goodbye to my friend siddu. We left the city. Monty was sleeping throughout the travel and Shiv was listening to music. Subbu and I were chitchatting and were also clicking some awesome sunset pics till we drained the phone’s battery.