Bonjour France…!!!

Bonjour France!!! Well, It was my first visit to a foreign country and it is France which is a region of medieval cities, peaceful villages, calm rivers, and beaches of Mediterranean. It was for my higher studies. New place, new life, new people, new language, totally it was a different and new beginning for me. I wasContinue reading “Bonjour France…!!!”

Munnar Maapleys

It was a day I returned from my native to Bengaluru after the Ugadi festival celebration, my friend Shiv called me and said macha munnar trip tomorrow! And I was like maga I just reached Bangalore! My friend vasanth (Maamz) was in Theni (tamilnadu) and he had a guest house in munnar. At first, IContinue reading “Munnar Maapleys”

Antharagange Trek !!

This is my second trip of the year. Five of us- Subramanian (Subbu), Shivshankar (Shiv), mahantesh (Monty), Sudhakar (Siddu) and me planned a one day trip to a trekking spot-Antharagange which is in shatashrunga mountain range located in Chinnada Gani (Golden Land) – Kolar, at a distance of 70 km from Bengaluru. It is knownContinue reading “Antharagange Trek !!”

First Trip of My Engineering Life !

It was my first trip of Engineering life with my friends during my First semester holidays. There wasn’t much planning for this trip. We- Me, Sunil, syed, Udhay, Vinodh (kalam), Vinod (burette) discussed about a few tourist spots of Karnataka and finally came up with Mysuru (Mysore) which is situated at about 140 kM fromContinue reading “First Trip of My Engineering Life !”