Lake of Reflections!!!

Every day I come to see you.

You look gorgeous. You look different every day.

You capture the beauty of nature and reflect it through your transparent skin.

You are always cool, both literally and by character.


I always like to walk around you.

You make me feel relieved when I am stressed.

You aren’t the same daily.

You are calm some days, and you will be rushing some days.


You have seen me thinking about so many things.

I express many things looking at you.

You wear different dresses every day which shows your richness.

Your beauty is filled in my eyes.


You have seen laughter and tears.

You are the reason for someone’s happiness.

You have witnessed the happiest and the saddest moments.

The mood in which I come to see you will not be the same when I leave.


You don’t need me, but still, I need you.

You will always remain special to me.

You canโ€™t remember me but I can’t forget you.

You have cheered me up at my hard times.


You never spoke a word to me.

But still, there was a silent communication between us.

You always will stay special to me

You can’t come in search of me, but I can!


Here are few clicks of the tranquil and gorgeous lake which is near my residence here in Poitiers, a city of France.

Evening time
Panoramic view of Lake and Football ground
My residence




Mirror Reflection


Night Time
Moon Reflection




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Harish KP

Hi, this is Harish KP. A budding Engineer from Tumakuru, India, currently an intern at Lyon, France. This blog is mainly about My โ€“ Photography and travel experiences. Apart from this, all the thoughts I share here is my perspective only. I like to travel and explore things in a venturesome way. Swimming, hiking, reading, script writing and acting are my other hobbies. Coming to food, I like all most all vegetarian food and few Nonvegetarian dishes. My quest for delicious food never ends! I am a science freak too. I am curious about the aerial vehicles. Concepts of Time machine and Quantum travel are other fields of interest. I love Sci-Fi and war movies.

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